As a young girl, Teresa had an knack for designing. Starting with clothing, she would add embellisments and make changes to each item to make them as unique as possible. Her love for design and decor have remained her passion through the years. An intensely creative individual, Teresa has a unique sense of style and decor.

Ron's interests are in the areas of architecture, and the science of colour, light, and design. He has previously served as Program Director on the Executive board of the Decortors and Designers Association of Canada.

At Mauro and McQuinn Interiors we are dedicated to helping you create spaces in your home that are both functional and beautiful, spaces that you will feel happy to be in, spaces that reflect who you are.

"While each of us will answer the question  "What do you want your home to be?"  in a different way, basing our responses on personal goals, tastes, and needs, we all want a home that is beautiful and makes us happy"

  -Carol Spier

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